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Window 2: Community-Based Livelihoods and Local Economic Activities

The objective of this Window is to safeguard livelihoods so that communities can continue to function. The activities under four results areas focus on a range of social protection measures and the creation of income generation opportunities (especially for women) at the community level.:

This Window includes activities under four results areas

  • IR 2.1 Households in high poverty, high insecurity areas provided with basic income (TBI).
  • IR 2.2 Local level livelihoods and economies sustained through Cash for Work (CfW) and Cash for Market (CfM), including skills development and entrepreneurial activities.
  • IR 2.3 Local Private Sector Development through technical and financial support to informal and formal businesses, including assisting SMEs to access and/or expand to new market areas, support to local traders, to women-led and community-led enterprises.
  • IR 2.4 Cross border trade and access to markets supported.