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The Fund’s strategic priorities will focus on the following thematic areas, which will serve as the Thematic Windows of the Fund, as indicated below:

Window 1: Provision of Essential Services

 The objective of this Window is to ensure that people’s basic human needs are met beyond what can be addressed through the humanitarian response.  Therefore, the activities under these three results areas focus on support for health services and the COVID-19 response, reducing food insecurity, and the energy required to support health and other critical services.

This Window includes activities under three results areas:

  • IR 1.1 Essential services enabled and sustained. 
  • IR 1.2 Essential food security and regenerative agriculture infrastructure, inputs and services supported.
  • IR 1.3 Basic Renewable energy services supported and sustained (to enable essential and food security service delivery).


Window 2: Community-Based Livelihoods and Local Economic Activities

The objective of this Window is to safeguard livelihoods so that communities can continue to function. The activities under four results areas focus on a range of social protection measures and the creation of income generation opportunities (especially for women) at the community level.

This Window includes activities under four results areas:

  • IR 2.1 Households in high poverty, high insecurity areas provided with basic income (TBI).
  •  IR 2.2 Local level livelihoods and economies sustained through Cash for Work (CfW) and Cash for Market (CfM), including skills development and entrepreneurial activities.
  • IR 2.3 Local Private Sector Development through technical and financial support to informal and formal businesses, including assisting SMEs to access and/or expand to new market areas, support to local traders, to women-led and community-led enterprises.
  • IR 2.4 Cross border trade and access to markets supported.

Window 3: Protecting Farm-based Livelihoods from Natural Disasters

The objective of this Window is to ensure that natural resources - particularly water supply - upon which lives, livelihoods and rapid socio-economic support critically depend, are managed as sustainably as possible in a crisis context. Therefore, the activities under the four results areas focus on providing short-term emergency support that ensures continued access to critical resources whilst at the same time generating income opportunities and engaging communities in designing and implementing projects that lead to collective outcomes.

This Window includes activities under results areas as follows: 

  • IR 3.1 Community preparedness for disasters improved.
  • IR 3.2 Disaster resilient infrastructure in place.
  • IR 3.3 Water security and access enhanced through climate-smart systems. 
  • IR 3.4 Natural ecosystem restoration and management supported.

Window 4: Community Resilience and Social Cohesion

The objective of this Window is to support the development of community-led needs-based socio-economic recovery plans that promote reconciliation and prevent conflict, improve access to justice, support alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and protect the rights of women and girls. Interventions will be implemented in a participatory manner to ensure that activities are responsive to local needs and priorities and contribute to community resilience building.

 This Window includes activities under four results areas as follows:

  • IR 4.1 Communities for peace and social cohesion reinforced. 
  • IR 4.2 Improved gender equality and women’s empowerment.
  • IR 4.3 Rights-based access to justice, human rights and security fostered.
  • IR 4.4 Community-led needs-based local recovery and resilience plans identified.